Mayor Smith took office as an alderman in 2010. When the current Mayor of Decherd had to leave office due to illness, he was Vice Mayor and stepped into the position. Mayor Smith is a past school teacher with the Franklin County Board of Education at Franklin County High School and is now a business owner in the City of Decherd. Mayor Smith grew up in Decherd with at points in his life having his father serving as Mayor of the City of Decherd. He is an achiever and wants to see the City of Decherd prosper and proud to be a part of the process to make Decherd a safe and progressive place to live.

Tammy Holt is a native of Decherd. She graduated from Franklin Co. HS in 1985, where she lettered in basketball and softball. After serving a tour in the US Army as a soldier in the Military Police Corps, Tammy began a series of careers that culminated in graduating from college at the age of 43, as a Physical Therapist Assistant. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and staying active with the endurance sports of triathlon, trail running, long distance cycling and swimming. Her vision for the City of Decherd is to draw from our rich heritage to create a better future. She is proud to call Decherd her home and wants to transform our city into a place where an involved community comes together to merge that small town feeling with looking to the future; a future where Decherd becomes that city that people seek out to work, live and put down roots for generations to come.

Robin Smith, Mayor since 2010

  Tammy Holt, Vice Mayor, elected 2017

  Pam Arnold, elected 2017

Roy Partin, Alderman, Appointed 2012 and re-elected in 2015
Roy Partin, a long time farmer of the area in and around Decherd, was appointed by the City Board to fill a vacancy when the Mayor got sick and had to resign and the Vice Mayor stepped up to the Mayor's position. He is a long time resident of the City of Decherd and wants to work to assist the Citizens to have a good town to live in.

Roy Partin, Alderman, appointed in 2012 and re-elected in 2015.

Karl Smith has been in politics for a good portion of his life. A past school teacher at Franklin County High School, a Franklin County Commissioner, a Franklin County Beer Board Member and now Alderman with the City of Decherd. He wishes to work for the benefit of the City of Decherd and the Citizens to have a better life in the City.